IAPS AGM Minutes 2009

IAPS Annual General Meeting Minutes

Saturday, August 29, 2009, 10:30-11:45

Seattle, Washington, USA

*47 in attendance*


Meeting called to order: Douglas McLaughlin


Thanks expressed to Dough Hochstetler and Conference Site Committee for a wonderful conference!


1. Recognition of Officers [incoming officers in brackets]

            a.         President: Danny Rosenberg [Cesar Torres]

            b.         Secretary-Treasurer: Douglas McLaughlin [Charlene Weaving]

            c.         Conference Chair: Douglas Hochstetler

            d.         Journal Editor: John Russell

            e.         Newsletter Editor: Sharon Stoll

            f.          Elections Chair: Mike Austin

            g.         Members at Large (odd): Stephen Finn, Heather Reid [Leslie Howe, Lev Kreft]

            h.         Members at Large (even): Peter Hager, Takayuki Hata

            i.          Webmaster: Emily Ryall

j.          Regrets: Sharon Stoll, Emily Ryall, Leslie Howe

  1.       Special thanks for the dedicated service of outgoing officers: Danny     

            Rosenberg, Douglas McLaughlin, Stephen Finn, Heather Reid


2.  Honors and Award Recipients:

            a.         Distinguished Scholar: Claudio Tamburrini

            b.         Distinguished Service: Heather Reid


3.  Confirmation of Agenda (Approved)

                          i. John Russell requested to add to the agenda: possibility of inviting regional philosophical associations to IAPS conferences

                        ii. Nick Dixon requested to add to the agenda: length of conference sessions


4.    Confirmation of minutes from September 14, 2008 Tokyo, Japan (Approved)


5.    Officer and Committee Reports 

  1. Secretary Treasurer: Doug McLaughlin
    1. Reported on low membership numbers (40)
  2. Move to calendar year memberships
  3. Increase transparency of membership status
  4. Notify members and non-members of their current status
  5. Improve communication (list serve emails)
  6. Executive will be proactive in increasing membership
  7. JPS Editor: John Russell
  8. Conference Chair: Doug Hochstetler
    1.  Thanks to conference hosts
    2. 57 papers presented, 60 conference participant
    3. Discussion:
  9. Relook at structure: length of conference, # of parallel sessions, length of presentations
  10. Concern that 20 minute slots for papers is inadequate
  11. Proposed 30 minutes with 15 minutes for questions
  12. Moderators and presenters need to be strict to enforce the time commitments of the program
  13. Concern with the Sunday morning presentations time slots
  14. Clear guidelines
  15. Transition time in between papers

  Update on Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

    1. Affiliation with European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

i.   Concern raised about decreased IAPS membership

  1. Affiliation with International Federation of Sport Medicine

i.   Cesar Torres to seek clarification on contract

  1. 2008-2009 APA Sessions (Heather Reid)

i.   Encourage IAPS members to participate in Eastern, Central and

                                   Pacific Meetings

7.   New Matters

a.         Increase of 5% of journal fee by HK

                  i.    Results in an increase of membership fees by 3 USD

b.         Increase of membership fees

                  i.    Discussion:

1. Concern about price increase when membership numbers 

    are low

2. Possibility of a sliding scale for membership dues

c.         New webpage design

                  i.    Emily Ryall proposed an upgraded website design

                  ii.   Cesar Torres to follow up with Emily to begin website


d.         North American Association for the Philosophy of Sport

                  i.    John Russell: informal group, no constitution, attempts to

                        encourage participation in IAPS. Organizes conferences in 


3.         Plans for 2009-2010 APA Sessions (Heather Reid)


8. Other Items

            a.         Strategies to increase membership

                              i.    Refer to 5 a

            b.         Improve communication methods

                              i.    Refer to 5 a


c.         (amended item) Invite Regional Philosophy associations to IAPS conferences

                  i.    Discussion:

                              1.   Establish formal relationships with other regional


                                          2.   Invite regional groups to attend annual meetings and 

give annual report

                                          3.   Send conference program/document to interested  


  1. Concerns of “draining members”
  2. Establish formal connections with organizations like BPSA, for example, a formal award, a named lecture presented at IAPS based on an outstanding scholar from BPSA, or European Association. Possibility of exchange symposium
  3. Post IAPS brochure/advertisement on IAPS website
  4. Question about a student representative on the executive. Constitution would have to amended


9.  Announcements


  1. 38th annual IAPS conference awarded to Rome, Italy
  2. First student travel awards distributed (6 students presented papers)
    1. Heather Reid to encourage past Presidents of IAPS to contribute to the fund.
  3. Possible future sites
    1. 2011 South Africa, Nashville
    2. 2012 Alaska
    3. 2013 Philosophy World Congress in Athens (participate in con-junction)
  4. Open positions for next year
    1. 2 Members at Large (s)
    2. Elections Chair
    3. Conference Chair
    4. Honours, Awards and Future Sites (1)