IAPS Annual Executive Report 2009

IAPS Annual Executive Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 27, 2009, 12-3pm.

Seattle, Washington USA


Present: Cesar Torres, Doug Hochstetler, Mike Austin, Doug McLaughlin, Charlene Weaving, John Russell, Stephen Finn, Heather Reid, Peter Hager, Takayuki Hata.


1. Welcome Officers [incoming officers/committee members in brackets]

            a. President: Danny Rosenberg [Cesar Torres]

            b. Conference Chair: Dough Hochstetler

            c. Election Chair: Mike Austin

            d. Secretary Treasurer: Doug McLaughlin [Charlene Weaving]

            e. Journal Editor: Sharon Stoll

            g. Members at Large (odd): Stephen Finn, Heather Reid [Leslie Howe, Lev Kreft]

            h. Members at Large (even): Peter Hager, Takayuki Hata

            i. Webmaster: Emily Ryall

 2. Regrets: Danny Rosenberg, Leslie Howe, Sharon Stoll, Lev Kreft, Emily Ryall.

 3. Confirmation of Agenda

 4. Approval of minutes of minutes from previous meeting, September 12, 2008, Tokyo, Japan.

a) Moved (H. Reid), Seconded (P. Hager), Approved unanimously

 5. Matters arising from previous meeting (Cesar Torres)

 a. Human Kinetics Association Management Services

i. Doug McLaughlin explained the confusion regarding IAPS membership lists and the challenges associated with the transition of the position Secretary Treasurer. He proposed we move to a calendar year membership with HK to avoid confusion.

b. Affiliation with the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport

            i. We did not have any paper work on this matter.

ii. Informal discussion of the possibility of a joint membership/journal subscription with the British Philosophy of Sport Association (BPSA) and JPS iii. Informal discussion how IAPS should be considered the “umbrella group”

c. Affiliation with the International Federation of Sports Medicine

         i. Cesar will contact the Federation to clarify the contract.

 ii. Concerns about softening the language on conference “invites”

iii. Additional concerns for the cost associated with such an affiliation (conferences)

d. Back Issues of JPS

i. Explore possibility of making the issues available to all (on line). Currently, 3 issues are not readily available.

ii. Mike Austin suggested posting the three issues on his blog

iii. Heather Reid to pursue LA84 website contacts to post JPS as a collection.

    1. 2008-2009 APA Sessions: Heather Reid

 6. Officer Reports

            a. President: Danny Rosenberg (see attached)

            b. Secretary-Treasurer: Doug McLaughlin (see attached)

                        i. Discuss new student travel award. (100 USD/ student). towards the student  travel award

            c. JPS Editor: John Russell (see attached).

            d. Newsletter: Sharon Stoll

                        i. Post newsletter on website as per Stoll’s request.

            e. Webmaster: Emily Ryall

i. Discussed the immediate demand for an updated website and Emily’s proposal on a new design.

ii. Cesar will follow up with Emily on the costs and upgrade logistics if we hire Mark Mapstone, a web-designer (UK) who provided a sample of the upgraded version.

 7. Committee Reports

            a. Conference Chair: Dough Hochstetler

i. Regards to Seattle University, Stephen Finn and Heather Reid in developing the conference program.

ii. Discussed where (blogs, via other organizations: NASSS, etc) to advertise for future call for abstracts

             b. Honours, Awards, and Future Sites: Charlene Weaving [Joan Forry]

                        i. Ratification vote of the Rome site proposal

                                    1. Need to increase feedback on site bids for host cities.

                        ii. Carl Thomen and South Africa future bid proposal

             c. Graduate Student Ad Hoc Committee: Student Travel Award: Cesar Torres

                         i. Students must be an IAPS member to receive the travel award

ii. Heather Reid to encourage past Presidents of IAPS to donate 250 USD to support student travel fund.

iii. Possibility of including on-line conference registration to facilitate individual members to donate to the student travel fund.

iv. Cesar noted that there no longer a need for the committee


d. Elections: Mike Austin

                        i.  President: Cesar Torres

                        ii. Secretary Treasurer: Charlene Weaving

                        iii. Distinguished Scholar: Claudio Tamburrini

                        iv. Distinguished Service: Heather Reid

  1. Discussed how to get more members involved, active and voting

8. New Business

            a. Increase of 5 % of journal fee by HK

            b. Increase of membership fees

            c. New webpage design

            d. North American Association for the Philosophy of Sport

            e. Plans for 2009-10 APA Sessions

9. Other Business