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Editorial Board


J.S. Russell, Langara College, Canada

Associate Editor and Book Reviews Editor

Cesar R. Torres, The College at Brockport, State University of New York, USA

Editorial Review Board

Jan Boxill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
W. Miller Brown, Trinity College, USA
Michael Burke, Victoria University of Technology, Australia
Randolph Feezell, Creighton University, USA
Leslie Francis, University of Utah, USA
Paul L. Gaffney, St. John’s University, USA
Mark Holowchak, Kutztown University, USA
Leslie A. Howe, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
R. Scott Kretchmar, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Sigmund Loland, Norwegian University for Sports and Physical Education, Norway
William J. Morgan, University of Southern California, USA
Stephen Mumford, University of Nottingham, England
Heather Reid, Morningside College, USA
Janet A. Rintala, Northern Illinois University, USA
Robert L. Simon, Hamilton College, USA
Claudio Tamburrini, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Cesar R. Torres, The College at Brockport, State University of New York, USA
Junko Yamaguchi, Tsuda College, Japan

Submission Guidelines

Notes to Contributors

In general, papers in any of the following three categories will be considered for publication in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport:

  1. Articles that include a sustained philosophic argument leading to (a) new conclusions, new information and/or (b) an appreciation of new evidence for previously held conclusions.  Typically (though not necessarily) “articles” should be full-length essays.  15 to 30 double-spaced pages in length.
  2. Essays that include a brief philosophic argument, clarification, reaction, or extension.  Typically (though not necessarily) “discussions” are short essays, 10 to 20 double-spaced pages in length.
  3. Critical reviews of current and classic works and literature within the general areas of the philosophical or sociocultural analysis of sport.

Instructions to Contributors

  1. The preferred mode of submission is through the Manuscript Central online review system, which speeds up the review process and saves postage costs. The initial registration process is very simple and permits authors to subsequently log in with just an e-mail address and a password.
  2. Authors who are unable to submit papers online should contact the JPS editor, J.S. Russell, at


Volumes I, II, and III (1974-1976) of the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport are now available on the LA84 Foundationwebsite at  The articles have been webpublished in a searchable f ormat.

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