Email Group

The email list is used as a forum for issues and debates concerning philosophy of sport and for expressing thoughts about the association itself. It can also be used for requesting information to colleagues all over the world (about conferences, new books, courses, ballots, travel arrangements, etc) rather than using faxes or conventional post.


Who can subscribe?
The list is set up for members of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport only. If you are a paid-up member, then follow the instructions set out below. However, if you are not a member and would like to subscribe to the email list, then becoming a member of IAPS requires a very modest payment of fees.

How to Subscribe
You need to have an e-mail account, either with your institution or a private account with a company such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.  To join the “sportphil” network visit the following website: and follow the message that says ‘Join or leave the list (or change settings)’

Sending a Message
Sending a message to everybody on the list is simple. Just send an email to this address:

Any mail sent to this address will automatically be distributed to all current members of “sportphil”, including yourself!

Don’t Do This!

  1. Use sportphil for one-to-one correspondence.
  2. Reply to a sportphil note to everybody when you only need to post your reply to the original sender.
  3. Use sportphil to advertise non-IAPS related work or products.
  4. Clutter-up everybody’s in-box with mail that you absent-mindedly send 100s of times.

List Queries

For any modifications to your membership, visit the website as given above.