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Annual Conference


The following links provide information to the annual conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport. Each year will include an archive of papers linked from the conference schedule. For the present year, extensive details, including calls for papers are also provided. A template form for the submission of an abstract can be found here: IAPS Abstract

2016 – 44th Annual Meeting, Olympia, Greece. – Book of Abstracts

2015 – 43rd Annual Meeting, Cardiff, UK – Book of Abstracts

2014 – 42nd Annual Meeting, Natal, Brazil

2013 – 41st Annual Meeting, California State University, Fullerton, California, USA.

2012 – 40th Annual Meeting, Porto, Portugal

2011 – 39th Annual Meeting, Rochester, New York State, USA

2010 – 38th Annual Meeting, Roma University, Rome, Italy

2009 – 37th Annual Meeting – Seattle University, Washington, USA

2008 – 36th Annual Meeting – Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU)

2007 – 35th Annual Meeting – Faculty of Sport, and Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana Portoroz, Slovenija

2006 – 34th Annual Meeting – Niagara Falls, Canada, hosted by Brock University: PDF

2005 – 33rd Annual Meeting – Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic: PDF

2004 – 32nd Annual Meeting – Fortworth, Dallas, Texas, USA: Doc

2003 – 31st Annual Meeting – University of Gloucestershire, UK: PDF

2002 – 30th Annual Meeting – Penn State University, USA

2001 – 29th Annual Meeting – Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

2000 – 28th Annual Meeting – Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

1999 – 27th Annual Meeting – De Montfort University, Bedford, UK

1998 – 26th Annual Meeting – Boston, USA. Joint Conference with the World Congress on Philosophy.

1997 – 25th Annual Meeting – Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education, Oslo, Norway

1996 – 24th Annual Meeting – University of Idaho, Lewiston, Idaho, USA

1995 – 23th Annual Meeting – University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan

1994 – 22th Annual Meeting – University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

1993 – 21th Annual Meeting – Texas Christian University, Fortworth, Texas, USA

1992 – 20th  Annual Meeting – Frei Universitat, Berlin, Germany

1991 – 19th Annual Meeting – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

1990 – 18th Annual Meeting – Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

1989 – 17th Annual Meeting – Washington DC, USA. Joint Conference with North American Society for the Sociology of Sport.

1988 – 16th Annual Meeting – Brighton, England. Joint Conference with the 17th World Congress of Philosophy.

1987 – 15th Annual Meeting – Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Joint Conference with the Sport Literature Society.

1986 – 14th Annual Meeting – University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan

1985 – 13th Annual Meeting – Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

1984 – 12th Annual Meeting – University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Joint Conference with the Olympic Scientific Congress.

1983 – 11th Annual Meeting – University of London, London, England

1982 – 10th Annual Meeting – University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, USA

1981 – 9th Annual Meeting – Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

1980 – 8th Annual Meeting – Karlsruhe University, Karlsruhe, Germany

1979 – 7th Annual Meeting – Western Illinois University, Macomb, USA

1978 – 6th Annual Meeting – Texas Christian University, FortWorth, Texas, USA

1977 – 5th Annual Meeting – Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

1976 – 4th Annual Meeting – Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

1975 – 3th Annual Meeting – Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA

1974 – 2nd Annual Meeting – University of Western Ontario, London ,Ontario, Canada

1973 – 1st Annual Meeting – State University of New York, Brockport, New York, USA

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