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Dear Association Partners:

Human Kinetics offers a Read Free program to supply slightly damaged books to underprivileged schools or departments.

Become a Part of the Read Free Program!

In case you’re not familiar with HK’s, Read Free Program, it was initiated in 1991 to provide free books to developing nations and other needy organizations who can benefit from our publications, but who would not ordinarily be able to afford them.  We accomplish this by sending out “hurt” books (those with cosmetic blemishes that make them unsalable). Rather than languishing in our warehouse, and possibly being destroyed, these hurt books are put to use around the world. We will evaluate any request that comes in that does not compete with the efforts of our sales department.

You can help us make a difference around the world. We need our authors and friends to help us locate and identify those organizations that can benefit from this program. The only thing you need to do is send a letter or email with the specifics to Kristen Henderson. Email address –

* If you do decide to participate, please mention that you are an IAPS member.

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