IAPS Archive

The IAPS Archive housed at the Pennsylvania State University is open for donations.

To make a donation, please mail it directly to:

Jackie R. Esposito

University Archivist and Head,

Records Management Programs

Penn State University

122 Paterno Library

University Park, Pa 16802 USA

Please contact Jackie directly at jxe2@psu.edu if you have any questions or need assistance in making your contribution.

The IAPS archives will accept items related directly to the Association, such as:

•     Architectural records

•     Articles of incorporation, charters

•     Audio recordings

•     Budgets

•     Bylaws and revisions

•     Clippings

•     Constitution and revisions

•     Correspondence of officers

•     Directories

•     Financial statements

•     Handbooks

•     Legal documents

•     Memoranda

•     Minutes of meetings

•     Membership lists

•     Motion picture film and videotape

•     Newsletters and other publications (generated by the organization)

•     Organizational charts

•     Pamphlets, brochures, fliers, etc.

•     Photographs

•     Planning documents

•     Press releases

•      Reports (annual, committee, etc.)

•     Rosters

•     Scrapbooks

•     Speeches

•     Subject files

•     Tax returns