TRUESPORT Summit – North Carolina – May 2nd-3rd 2014

The Impact of College Athletics on Education, Youth Sport, and American Culture.

MAY 2-3, 2014

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We invite you to a first-of-its-kind, national summit which promises to have a lasting impact on the complex and changing conversation about sports culture in academia and in our communities. The summit is designed to mobilize new action that makes significant, meaningful progress.

“The Impact of College Athletics on Education, Youth Sport, and American Culture,” sponsored by  the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s True Sport, University of North Carolina, and Penn State University, will feature prominent sport leaders, scholars, coaches, athletes, parents, and journalists  discussing a broad range of effects of collegiate athletics on American society from their unique perspectives. This passion-filled multi-million dollar industry affects virtually every aspect of our culture with a particularly prominent reach over how we administer and support values such as sportsmanship in youth and high school athletic programs. Participants in the conference will have an opportunity to interact with the speakers, take positions on the white papers and make recommendations for future actions on the topics of the value of sport, early specialization, sportsmanship, elite performance, and the behavior of parents.


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